"i think karate is the best for you cause you learn so much and have so so so so much FUN!!!!! hip hip hurray for karate. if you think that watching TV or playing on cellphones is fun you should defiantly check out karate cause it ROCKS. "
Eden Frater

"Before I first karate class when I was 11yrs old I had made up my mind that I wasn't going to like it. However mum and dad said I had might as well give it a try - and i'm glad they did!! After 45 minutes of training, my veiw on karate was completely changed. I couldn't wait to do another class and get a gee! Shihan Johnny Kennedy is VERY good at what he does, and is extremelly funny. All of his students - children and adults alike - think he is AWSOME! I have resently graded to my 4th belt now, which is purple (I'm halfway to black!). I am now 14 and have been doing Kennedys Karate for about three years. I don't intend to stop."
Jessica Frater

"kennedys karate rocks!!!"
Oliver Holmes

"I have 3 children who train at Kennedys Karate. My oldest began when he was 6, and is now 13. When the idea of karate first came up, I was quite anxious that it might encourage my kids to be ‘aggressive’ and teach them to solve conflict with physical force. I went to watch a kids class at Kennedys Karate, and was pleasantly surprised at the quality and perspective of the instruction the children received. The children understand they are only to use the techniques they learn in self-defense situations and they are taught to respect the knowledge they are gaining. Confidence, co-ordination, and self-defense skills are just some of the benefits my children have received from their training. It got to the point that my husband and I decided we may as well start training in the adults class and make it a ‘family thing’!! I feel confident that, should my children ever be in a situation where they will need to defend themselves, they will have an idea of how to do that. We have a 3 ˝ yr old granddaughter, who is already trying to learn the punch routine and can’t wait till she is old enough to join the class!!"
Rachelle Duncan

"i have been doing kennedys karate for almost 1 year now. It is so awesome. i love it sooooooooo much ."
kaylee spain

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