"Before I started doing Karate my dad did and he found Johnnys club and took me along one night,I was so scared i took one step onto the mat and nearly ran back off! I thought that everyone was going to laugh at me but alls theys did was cheer me on. My first take down i was nowhere near as confident as i am now. I now look foward to coming to Karate on Mondays and Wednesdays. ive made so many new friends. Kennedys Karate is the bomb. thanks Johnny for teaching everyone lots."
Jessie Rogers- Christchurch

"I love Kennedy's Karate. It has taught me so much! I now an fitter and i have made heaps of new friends! When i first joined i though i would hate it,but i was so wrong. i go there every week and i think Sampi Nadia is an awesome teacher. I am now a purple belt and i hope to grad for blue very soon. Go Kennedy's Karate, you rock. "
Rebekah Frater

"It just seems like the other day when Amanda opened the dojo in Rakaia. I was one of the first members and was so uncoordinated! Amanda along with Nadia, persevered and got me through my first 2 gradings along with Will who recently graded for his black belt. Well done mate! I still have a way to go for mine but many thanks to Kennedys Karate for starting me off. I miss the camaraderie which i believe was one of the key components for the success of this club! Congratulations to Johnny for 15 years of enthusiasm and dedication!"
Stuart Caulfield

"My three children (13-8) have been attending Johnny's karate club for the past 2 years. And I can say nothing less than that they absolutely love it. He is so very good with children, he makes learning so enjoyable and encouraging no matter who you are or how skilled - and because of this he is truly respected by all his students. Not only that, but my children have gained leadership skills, confidence and coordination skills just to name a few of the benefits. I highly recommend Johnny and his club for truly excellent instruction on all levels."
Lisa Frater

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