"I reckon Kennedys Karate is the best martial arts in the world. i've been here for 1 year and i find it so fun and you make heaps of friends. GO KENNEDYS KARATE WE RULE!!!!!!!"
Jessie Rogers

"We have alot of fun warm ups and do lots of fun stuff. My favourite thing is learning different routines and katas and the tournaments and going on tv. "
Ricky Barns, Rakaia, NZ

"I have never done martial arts before, and I am an old bugger that is unfit and unflexible. Kennedys Karate is brilliant exercise, I find it very motivational, and inspirational. The members are extremely welcomming - and what can I say about the instructor - AWESOME in ability and ability to teach. I had tried a few other places before doing a trial class here - this is the best in CHCH."
Simon Templeton

"My three children (13-8) have been attending Johnny's karate club for the past 2 years. And I can say nothing less than that they absolutely love it. He is so very good with children, he makes learning so enjoyable and encouraging no matter who you are or how skilled - and because of this he is truly respected by all his students. Not only that, but my children have gained leadership skills, confidence and coordination skills just to name a few of the benefits. I highly recommend Johnny and his club for truly excellent instruction on all levels."
Lisa Frater

"As parents we have found Kennedy Karate classes to be excellent for our 5yr old son in so many ways - not just physically but mentally and emotionally too. Kennedy Karate advocates respect, understanding of other's needs, self discipline,self control and responsibility for oneself as well as the group. The instruction is excellent and encourages individuals to achieve their potential. Students develop skill, strength, flexibility and all round fitness and are encouraged to take grades to reward them for their efforts and standards of achievement. The motivation is excellent and before long students become 'self-motivating' which in itself motivates others. My son is proud of his achievements and is demonstrating the qualities outlined above already after being with the group for 4 months. We recommend Kennedy karate to anyone. "
Lindsey, Rakaia, NZ

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